shadab hydrabadi cuisine
Initially we had a more or less fixed clientele when we started with monthly cards for lunches and dinner. But over the years, with a wide menu of Hyderabad food on offer, we have seen a growing number of people from all Indian states and even Arabs coming to Shadab. Today 20 percent of our patrons are Arabs — Saudis, Lebanese Syrians ad Egyptians — and we hope to build on it.

The success of Shadab restaurant is not only because of the frequency of people from the Andhra Pradesh state, of which Hyderabad is the capital, flocking to the eatery for a taste of home but because of the growing number of assorted clientele.

Shadab’s signature dishes — the sufiyani biryani and haleem (a seasonal delicacy of wheat & meat, and cooked for hours to a porridge-like paste) — are the big draw as are its desserts ‘gajjar ka halwa’ (carrot halwa), ‘double ka meeta’ (made from toasted bread in ghee) and ‘qubani’ (mashed dried apricot in cream).